Gene Plotkin is a freakin' miracle worker! I told him my woes and he got right to work. I did 3 visits in 2 weeks and I'm still feeling great. I haven't been able to lift my arms up over my head without wincing in pain for a long time, and now I can do freaking jumping jacks (well, I could, but I'm not).  

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Dr. Gene Plotkin, DC is the best chiropractor I've ever had!  As a kid I was always getting hurt and once I fell out of a tree onto my head.  Ever since then I have been in and out of chiropractic offices.  So when I say Dr. Gene is the best, i'm kinda an expert on the matter.

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I have seen Dr. Plotklin several times. He is a really good Chiropractor. Many chiropractors don't do much good, but Dr. Plotkin fixed a couple of painful back injuries I have had. Reasonable rates too!

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I cannot recommend Dr. Plotkin enough. I have had serious lower back pain for several years and have been to a half dozen chiropractors in this city. When I became pregnant in 2008, I feared I would be crippled with lower back pain and wanted to do whatever I could to manage my back pain throughout my pregnancy.

A friend of mine who had seen Dr. Plotkin throughout her pregnancy recommended him to me. I began seeing him when I was about 5 months pregnant and saw him about once a week throughout the rest of my pregnancy, then for about 2 months afterwards. Thanks to his adjustments, I was pain-free for my entire pregnancy and never experienced one day of discomfort. When I experienced back pain post-childbirth, Dr. Plotkin was instrumental in treating my pain and getting me back on my feet quickly so I could return to work. He is well-versed in a variety of techniques and is extremely professional. I would definitely recommend him to anyone I know - pregnant or not.

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Dr. Gene Plotkin is a great chiropractor. I go to him once a month and he has cured my headaches and backaches. The whole staff is very friendly and it is always easy to schedule appointments. I went to Michelle once for acupunture, and she was great as well.

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