What do I need to wear while visiting a chiropractor?

Generally speaking wear comfortable clothing.  

What can I do before or after visiting a chiropractor?

There are no specific restrictions.  Avoid having a heavy meal prior to the appointment.  After the treatment some people require a bit of rest, allow yourself at least 30 min prior to going back to your regular routine.  Walking, breathing, being in the natural environment is ideal post treatment.  Increased amount of water is advised.

Is Chiropractic safe?

According to continued research in US and Canada, there is about 1 in a million chance of being injured while being adjusted, in majority of such cases the damage is done by a therapist with limited training skills.

What can I expect after the treatment?

The desired effects are: decrease of pain, increased mobilization of joints and muscles, increased sense of wellbeing, sensation of being "back to normal self" to name few.

Occasionally, patients report: mild soreness after adjustment, fatigue, aggravation of symptoms.

The road to recovery for each person varies, most of the undesired symptoms subside within 24 hour period.  If the undesired symptoms persist or get worse please consult your treating chiropractor.

Please, remember, Chiropractic methods are safe for you and your family when done by a proffessional.  Millions of people benefit from Chiropractic care.